Interior Design Schools: A Career In Design

Decorator or Designer? The number one difference between a "decorator" and a "designer" is education. Before you engage in a career in design it is good to know the difference. In many states all you have to do to be a decorator is hang a sign on your door that states that's what you are. As a decorator you cannot move walls, add windows, design cabinetry or work in commercial design.

First Step

Research Schools and Design Programs.

If you are planning on becoming an "interior designer" the first step is to find a school that offers at least a two-year degree in interior design. Some states require the school to be a FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education and Research) accredited school.

If you plan on becoming a commercial designer, someone who specializes in a area of design deemed "commercial" such as the design of office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants etc. then you will most likely need a four to five year degree.

If you would like to design residential homes you can get away with just a two year degree but I urge you not to plan on starting your own business fresh out of school. You will need at least a few years of experience with a firm before you risk the liability of going out on your own.

Second Step

Talk with faculty members. Ask them questions regarding job placement, scholarship offerings, the teaching philosophy of the program, the average percentage of graduates that actually pursue careers in the design industry and what types of jobs they have landed i.e. does the school (or program) lean more toward residential jobs or commercial.

Third Step

Once you've determined the school and the program I would suggest getting involved in the local student chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) or IIDA (International Interior Design Association). By doing this you can become involved in the industry and network with future employers.

Research all of the options before making a decision. It is not a field for everyone and does require physical stamina. You will be required to lift heavy objects. These are things that you need to be aware of before investing your money in a school.
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