Aromabotanical Scented Candle Range Review

I love candles for a multitude of reasons. They create ambience, they make the room smell wonderful and they just look so pretty flickering in their own warm glow. When buying a candle, I need it to look as pretty as it smells, because whether it’s sitting in the middle of the dining table or busy disguising the disgusting smells my housemate creates in the bathroom – it has to fit my decor.

The first thing that drew me to Aromabotanical scented candles was just how sophisticated and gorgeous the packaging was, standing out on the shelf with their bright colours and interesting scent combinations. Inside, the adorable, rounded glass and sleek black lid will make a wonderful keepsake or lolly jar once all the wax has burned off and when I lifted the lid on the Pear & Ginger candle in store... well I nearly ran to the counter!

I also purchased the Lemongrass & Ginger, because I think that’s such a fantastic summer scent and would be perfect for the relaxed weekend barbeques my housemate and I host regularly on those balmy nights throughout the warmer months. I know it’s Winter now, so until then this candle will live on the bathroom window sill about the toilet, so that my housemate can be sent back in to light it every time he walks out the bathroom door and informs me that it’s “dangerous inside there right now!” Gross!

I got to fire the Pear & Ginger up last night, when my best friend came over and I decided to throw us a cute little dinner for two to remind her how much I love her. I placed it in the middle of the table and lit it an hour before she arrived, thinking it would take that long to permeate the room, especially as I was cooking up a storm just next door!

How wrong was I! Within about ten minutes, the light, distinct scent of Pear & Ginger filled the dining and kitchen area, snuffing out the mustiness that was a result of our house being void of fresh air for weeks due to the freezing cold weather we’ve been experiencing!

The best part? These little beauts are Australian-made and hand poured, there’s no nasties and all you have to gain is a beautifully-scented home that you can’t help but want to show off.
I’m off to buy another one... if I can stop at just one!


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Large Tree Wall Decal For Nursery

Is a removable wall decal right for your nursery? Tree wall decals is just one example of kids wall decals, but it is definitely one of your most exciting options for nursery wall decals. These decals work brilliantly with a wide variety of rooms, and you can definitely find some amazing tree decals for your child’s nursery.

There are a number of reasons as to why decals are great decorating options. Consider those options, look over your choices for tree wall decals that are on the large side of things, and begin to see the possibilities. This is an idea for decorating that a lot of people just don’t consider, but you should. Nursery wall decals can give you a nursery space that is certain to delight everyone.

Decorating the nursery can be challenging. This is particularly true for first-time parents. You want to come up with something unique, but you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money achieving your goals. Certainly, if you are just trying things out, you don’t want to put time, money, and energy into something that you are ultimately going to want to change later on. To that end, why not consider a removable wall decal? The truth of the matter is that kids wall decals can prove to be exactly what you have been looking for.

Baby Nursery Tree Wall Decal is a great example of what decals can do for your nursery. These decals offer brilliant, beautiful depictions of nature. Your child is certain to love them, and the same can be said for just about anyone else. These decals offer a whimsical approach to decorating, but with a few added advantages. For example, when it comes to affordable nursery decorating ideas, you’re going to find that tree wall decals and kids wall decals in general are ideal. You are also going to love the fact that these decals are easy to put on, and whenever the time comes, easy to take off, as well. However, some of these decals quite frankly work nicely with just about any room in the house. As your child gets older, you may decide to just keep the decal you currently have in place.

There are tons of possibilities with a removable wall decal. Trees can express so many things, and nursery wall decals can certainly express whatever you want to with your nursery space. Start exploring this fantastic option.


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Understanding and reading the blue prints of your new home

If you are in the process of constructing your home, it is likely that you will come across its blueprints at one time or another. In simple terms, blueprints are architectural drawings that show the design as well as size of buildings that are planning to be built. They are usually two dimensional and include the placement of features in the building and construction materials that will be used. There are three types of blueprints, namely section, plan and elevation which show a view of the proposed house in a cut-through, horizontal and vertical display respectively. However, for a non-professional reading these blue prints, understanding them may be challenging resulting in the need for proper interpretation.

Reading blue prints with understanding is an essential skill for soon to be homeowner as it makes it possible for them to make decisions from an informed standpoint in regard to the construction of their home. Some of the important basics that you need to learn to have a better comprehension of the drawing plans for your new home include:

• Begin with elevations

Elevations are basically drawings that will give you an overall view of the house’s exterior so that you can have an idea of how the house will appear when it is finished. These drawings are usually four in number and display the house from its front, rear as well as two sides. When looking at the flat view, that is common in elevation drawings, certain details are visible such as materials to be used in building the exterior and the height of the building. These details on the blueprint allow you to have a better idea of the final look of your home while giving you a chance to give suggestions for any improvements or changes.

• Look through floor plans

Majority of house blueprints provide a floor plan for every level such as the attic, basement and any other floors to be built in the home. In most cases, the floor plan view is designed in such a way it seems that the drawings are being viewed from the top. It is possible to see the room sizes, plumbing fixtures, walls, appliances and in some cases the furniture to be placed in the home. The blueprint of the floor plans gives you a chance to better understand the interior fixtures in the home, floor by floor, allowing you to make any necessary changes.

• Understand blue print symbols

When looking at blueprints, you will notice that there are a number of symbols displayed on them. These symbols are very important as they make it easier to identify drawing plans much better and also find it easier to understand various construction documents associated with your new home.  Nevertheless, these symbols are quite a number and may take you sometime to get them all at your fingertips. Fortunately, there are a number of online glossaries that you can refer to when reading blueprints to understand them better especially when interacting with other professionals at the construction site.

Article has been brought you by the leaders in building and construction, Uk, Bromley based company Obcbuilding. OBC was established in 1979 and operated by building guru Richard Patience.  He has been in charge of this family owned business since 2008.


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Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Country porch is a blended mixture of all types of home décor according to a country theme. We are here to showcase the best country wise home décor themes, styles, patterns. We specialise in country style curtains, lampshades, table cloths, mats, sofa covers, etc. Ranging from different styles such as Americano, Italian, European, we have all what you need according to your needs. Whatever you need to decorate your home, we have it all here. Our products our designed and built as per your needs. Whichever country style you like is now at your home. You can live those moments in your home without even traveling here and there. Country Porch is a platform where you can find all your homespun things. 

Here at Country Porch we are stuffed with the country style curtains, ceramic accessories, valances, swags, shower curtains, country primitive ironware, table linens, aprons, cozy quilts, extravagant candles, rugs and all country wise things. We have everything that you need right here to create a warm, pleasant and inviting country home décor. We have the best in house collection of all themed accessories and furniture. If you want to renew the look of your home to a country specific theme, then you can not miss this opportunity with our best priced products.

The Country Porch began in 1998 and expanded in an old yellow farmhouse that was built in 1890. We are still based at the foot of the Coeur D'Alene Mountains where our new warehouse is set up where we still bring you the same homespun country themed décor you have ever wanted in your life. New dream homes are built every day with our fantastic products. Your whole home is converted into a country style home. Have a great experience.

We are available for you each second. Just come here and find the best for you. We are open 24 X 7 at our online store. You can call us on our toll free number 1-866-664-9182  starting 8 am to 4 pm PST. You can also chat or leave a message and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team is focused to provide you the incredible experience.


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7 Steps to Turn Your Spare Room into a Home Theater

So you’ve got that spare bedroom or office no one ever seems to use. Why not put it to good use and make something your whole family will enjoy? Creating a home theater or media room is much easier than we think. While we all have a television in our living room is this really the best place to enjoy a great movie, watch HD television or listen to our favorite tunes? A traditional living room configuration is not the ideal set up for getting maximum enjoyment out of your home theater. So how do we create the perfect environment without breaking the bank?  

Prepare the space.
Remove all furniture, curtains, wall hangings, and decorations from the room. Even if you intend on using some of these items in your finished media room or home theater you want to start with a blank slate. Empty any closets which happen to be in the room as well and remove the closet door. Closets can be an ideal location to set up your equipment later on. If you plan on making this an option, a ceiling vent must be installed to pull heat from the equipment out of the space to prevent your things from overheating.  

Choose where you will place your screen. It should ideally be on the largest wall in the room and not directly across from a window. Run all the wires for your equipment. This is best done by going up through the ceiling above where your equipment will be set up which also makes the closet a great option as you will have to worry less about hiding wires later except those which come down to the screen. It is best to run all your HDMI wires through an HDMI switcher. This will mean you will only have one HDMI connecting to your screen. If you have older devices which do not have the HDMI connection conversion cables or attachments are available. Wire all of the connections into an HDMI switcher.

When you are setting up the wires, use wire ties to keep them nicely organized. This will prevent you from ever having to untangle the blasted things ever again. Run the HDMI wire through the ceiling if possible. If you live in an apartment or condo and this is not possible, lead the wires down the wall if possible with the exit point being behind the screen. Should this not be possible, run the wires along the base of the wall, they can be secured with electrical tape to keep them out of your way and prevent them from becoming damaged.  

Sound Panel.
Attach an acoustic sound panel to each wall if possible to help reduce the noise traveling to other rooms within the house or to your neighbors.  

Mount your TV.
Hang your television mounting bracket in the center of your chosen wall if you will be using a flat screen TV. This will save you floor space and prevent the room from appearing cluttered as well as providing a more theater-like set up.  

Wireless system.
If possible, choose a wireless surround sound system to prevent having to run countless wires all over the room. Mount the speakers as instructed in the system manual for best results.  

Use genuine theater style curtains for your windows and to block off the closet space where your equipment is being held. Lushes Curtains has the ideal curtains for your home theater or media room set up. These 100% cotton velvet curtains come in a wide variety of colors and lengths and are not only a great addition to your décor but also provide you with ideal conditions for your movie viewing. These curtains will block all light from the room and also provide sound reduction.

Use of this type of curtain means you will not disrupt the rest of the household or your neighbors which you are enjoying your home theater experience. They are easy to mount, made only of the finest materials, and are durable and long lasting. It is also advisable to hang one of these curtains across the closet door where you’ve stashed your theater equipment as it will provide a lovely decorative effect, protect your equipment, and block any lights which are displayed on their panels. You can find our 100% Cotton Velvet curtains (which work best for sound reduction) on the this link: 

Choose furnishings which suit the size and floor space of the room. It is better to have furniture which is a bit on the smaller side if you’ve chosen a small room so it does not become overwhelmed by larger pieces. This will provide you with maximum floor space as well. Don’t forget that alternative pieces such as bean bag chairs can be used in addition to more traditional furniture to allow more seating without compromising space.


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