Got Small Kids? - You Will Need Table Pads

Table Pads
Children are wonderful, you have to be an absolute Scrooge to not like kids but they are also notorious for new and innovative ways to mar, mangle an ultimately destroy household items and furniture. The two main things to remember when little ones are going to be having the run of your home, whether your own brood or visitors, is to cover it up or put it away.

Child proof locks on cabinets, fragile items out of reach of the longest arms of the little darlings is only the tip of the iceberg. If it is breakable and you value it then you have to look for ways to protect it. Moreover if you have small ones that are new to walking or are just pulling up it is important that you make sure they are safe as well. What is dull and uninteresting to you will be new and exciting for them. They will be pulling up and climbing on things to get a better view or just because they can.

Meals at the dining room table can be fraught with anxiety but you can eliminate much of it by placing edge guards on the corners of the table and using custom table pad. When you purchase a table there is a lot that you considered. If you spend hundreds on a table of good quality wood you don’t want to risk scratches, burn marks and water rings. Protective coverings need to be sturdy but this does not mean that you need to sacrifice style and beauty.

A great custom table pad should be able to protect the furniture from spills, dents, moisture and heat. You can find table pads for any style of table but if you have a hard to find shape you can get one made to order. A custom made pad will fit any table better since it is designed for that tables’ specific dimensions. Generally there are pad locks that keep the pad tight to the surface, no slipping is very important.

It is not just people that are detrimental to fine furnishings. Direct sunlight can fade anything. have you ever moved a piece of furniture only to notice that the carpet or flooring underneath the object looks more like it did when it was new than the rest of the exposed areas. This is the effect of direct sunlight. There are several ways to combat this issue on your wood tables and that is to purchase custom table pads. It is cheaper than replacing windows with ones that cut down the UV glare, and easier than opening and closing the blinds several times a day.

Another option is to move the furniture so that it is not in the sun but that only helps one issue. The expense of table pads will be offset by the years that you get to enjoy your furniture without fear.  Learn more about table pads and the benefits of owning them here.
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