Area Rugs For Makeover

If you are thinking about making over a room, why not try adding an area rug? If you have hardwood floors or tile, this is a great way to add color to your room.

Area rugs also add warmth and can define a space. You can also use them on carpets as well as hardwood and tile.

First consider what you want your rug to do. Will it be a focal point for the room or will you use it under a grouping of furniture ? Maybe you just want to add color to your room.

Here are some tips on color. Don't try to match the colors perfectly with the walls or other furniture. The area rug should blend with the other colors in your room.

Pick shades of colors that blend with your walls, furniture and accessories. Be careful of picking competing patterns. If your room has neutral colors and wood floors, pick a rug with rich colors to warm up the room.

Oriental area rugs are made from silk or wool. They are quite expensive but are also the most durable. If you have children and pets olefin is known to be the most stain resistant. Nylon is also very easy to care for and durable.

Cotton and wool rugs are softer but aren't as durable or kid friendly and of course jute is prickly. You will have to keep these rugs out of sunlight as well.

Area rugs come in different shapes. Choose a rectangular shape for defining a space such as the living room. Irregular rugs are used as a focal point in a room.

Area rugs come in many standard sizes. The smaller rugs work well in hallways or entryways or to define spaces such as the fireplace.

If using an area rug in the dining room make sure that the rug is big enough to accommodate the dining room furniture.

Do your shopping and look for bargains and you may be able to pick up a great looking area rug for a good price. You will find some ideas on shopping directory area rugs los angeles. They have a good price for luxury, handmade rugs and carpets

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