How To Use Your Brand New Dining Room Table Without Fear

Dining Room Table
You spend a great deal of time picking out your home furnishings, especially the dining room table. Then there are the elegant wood coffee and end tables that are just gorgeous. If you want to keep them looking like new there are a few things that you can do to make sure the surfaces do not get marred, scratched or dented. Table pads are making a comeback, keep reading to find out why.

Many of the people reading this article may have never heard of table pads. There was a time when people who struggled hard to purchase nice things would cover them to make them last longer. We all hear the jokes about the plastic slip covers on couches and chairs, this was the same era that table pads became a very popular item.

We know that purchasing a formal dining set is a big deal and probably one that we won’t make more than a couple of times in our lives. They represent a huge investment and you will want to protect that investment as much as you would an automobile. Well maintained furniture can last a lifetime, just look at how much fine furniture from different eras has been passed down through generations. One of the best ways to protect your dining room table is with custom table pads.

Dining room table pads are protective top covers for a table that are moisture resistant, heat resistant and scuff resistant. Sure  most manufacturers of fine dining room furniture use some sort of protecting oils on the wood, these are only designed to handle small spills anything major could really destroy your table. A fallen candle or hot wax could ruin it or cause you to need costly repairs.

You have spent a lot making your home look grand, spending a few dollars more to make sure it stays that way is a no-brainer. Through the years there will be overturned glasses and gravy boats, silverware can leave scratches on a surface without you even trying. Watermarks from sweating drinks and the table could even diminish the texture of the wood over the long run. Refurbishing a great piece of furniture can cause a real pain in the wallet, and it is especially bothersome when it is a new piece.

Dining table pads can be bought in standard sizes or you can have yours custom made. There are soft pads that are easy to fold and store or try out the sturdier cardboard backed pads. The ones with the hard board has hinges, the top covering can be leatherette, velvet, vinyl, waterproofed weave or cotton. To choose the best options for your home speak with a professional.  You can also get single plate table pads that work similarly to a placemat. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing colors that will match the existing décor. Investing in a table pad or two is a small price to pay if you consider how long that table is bound to last if you protect it.
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