The Facts about Wine Aerators

Aerators have become so popular now-a-days and the common questions people arise are whether they work or are they for gadget freaks or how is it better than a decanter? If you are also flooded with such doubts then the following lines may be of some help for you.

Wine Aerators are similar to decanters as far as the purpose is concerned but these are easy and handy to use to get the required flavor and texture of wine. They are actually designed to make the process what a decanter does faster. You need to hold the aerator above your glass and pour the wine into it. Some aerators can be fitted to the bottle itself. The main concept behind aerating is to bring the wine in contact with air so that it breathes and opens up with the desirable aromas coming out strikingly. The texture also gets improved as the tannins are softened. This aerating process is suitable for red wines.

The taste and texture is improved drastically when the younger red wine is exposed to air. Older wines also can be aerated or more precisely decanted in this case. Some people may have a doubt of whether white wines need aerating. Of course they can be aerated but the improvement in taste is not as distinct as in red wines. Even a human being needs stretching when he is closed for so much time. Same is the case with wine. It needs to open up after getting bottled for so many years. Aerating always improves any type of wine and it never deteriorates the wine unless you specifically like non-aerated wines.

Is a decanter better or an aerator? This question is a hot topic among wine enthusiasts. Actually we don’t say one is better than the other but they have different results. If we need to have wine instantly you can’t go for a decanter. In such cases an aerator provides air to the wine quickly and you can have it in a few seconds. If you want see how the wine tastes after a longer period of time then decanter serves best. The choice of an aerator and a decanter is completely done by an individual’s interest. There are quite a variety of aerators available in the market these days. You may be in a dilemma to buy what. Some tested aerators are as follows:

Vinturi which costs about 40$ and works perfect with a mechanism of mixing the exact amount of air with the wine. It also comes with a filter for the wines which have deposits.

Host aerator which costs about 26$ works similar to Vinturi aerator. It has a longer structure and is directly fitted to the bottle.

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