IPhone App RoomHints Review

New information technology has always amazed us in the last few years. It has really made our lives better and more comfortable. We have become more attached to our smartphones, tablets and computer more than ever before, for the simple reason that these devices and their software can provide us with many services. In addition, designers of smartphones applications always come up with new ideas for all our daily life needs. The example of the iPhone application called RoomHints is making a difference in the world of smartphone applications. It has been recently launched in beta version but it gained more popularity due to its importance. The official launching of RoomHints will be during the end of October according to the company.

It is very important to mention that RoomHints application, co-founded and designed by Tiffany Willson, was recently rated by Consumer Reports as the number one application for home-design shopping. It has also been featured in several new media outlets and websites such as Wakefield, Fox News, American Express, Shop Smart and others. In fact, the interest in home design and interior furniture has increased because of modernity and fast social changes. People are looking for simple but convenient design for their homes. However, they may get frustrated and could not choose the most attractive design by themselves.

The main purpose behind RoomHints application is to provide help in such cases. It is a very effective solution for those who look for a new piece of furniture for their rooms or lounges or those who would renew their private home spaces. Tiffany, a graduated interior designer, was so conscious that a lot of demand for room hints would cause her too much energy and time. Each time a friend asked her for a suggestion, she had to do things physically; that would be like a traditional way for a new modern graduated interior designer.

Then the idea of RoomHints application came as a result of deep thinking about how it should work. Through three simple steps, the user of the application RoomHints can get enough feedback that will inspire him/her to have the best home decoration. First, the user should tell RoomHints designer about what s/he is looking for. Second, s/he can have a photo of the space be it a room or a lounge for example. This photo will help designers to see how the space could be refurnished. Then as a last step, the user will find important hints that work exactly as s/he wishes.

It is indeed an amazing application with an original idea. Professionals and experts in interior design could have been never reached for opinions and suggestions more than today with this new application.

Window Coverings

You can express your unique style and make your home beautiful at the same time by dressing your windows with Curtain Valances. You should concentrate on window coverings because they can add beauty to your room as well as blocking out heat and cold.

It may be difficult to decide what window coverings to use due to the large variety of choices. Following are some things to consider before purchasing window coverings.

  • What do you like and dislike about your current window coverings?
  • Do you need insulation due to heat or cold and what kind of light control do you need?
  • What kind of decorations do you have in your room?
  • Do you live in a climate that needs insulation or energy efficiency ?
  • How much privacy do you need?
  • What is your budget?

Window blinds can be used in every room in your house and they come in a wide range of colors. Typically the vertical blinds are made of fabric to match the room’s colors and furniture. They are usually used over sliding glass doors. Horizontal blinds are made from wood, vinyl, aluminum or faux wood in a range of slat sizes.

Cellular shades are the best pick if you are looking for a dressy, energy efficient window treatment. They are made of a honeycomb pleated fabric and there are a variety of colors. They can be sheer to let light in or they can also come in a room darkening fabric.

Wood shutters. If you are looking for a long term investment, wood shutters or roll shutters are the most durable window covering. They are low maintenance and only require simple dusting. The offer privacy and light control in your rooms.

Roll shutters outside your window give you a safety shield to your exterior windows and they can be rolled up and down by pushing a button. They can also protect your house from storms and reduce your heating and cooling costs by providing a thermal barrier. Foam filled aluminum shutters will reflect and absorb sound waves, giving you a quieter home.

Care and cleaning of blinds and shades

Dusting will work on just about any blind or shade. The surface of the blinds or slats of mini blinds, wood blinds are smooth so the dust can be brushed off easily.

Vacuuming is the preferred method for fabric shades. Just use the vacuum’s brush attachment.

Modern Furniture Arrangement

Before heading out to the furniture store or shopping online be sure to do the following first:
  • Make sure that you have measurements of the room. If you are in a hurry at least walk the space and count the footsteps. Most feet are approximately 10 – 12” so you can at least estimate the measurements.
  • Measure all doorways and hallways that the furniture will need to pass through to get into the room that you are placing the furniture in. I have seen on more than one occasion movers trying to bring furniture in through windows and it isn’t a pretty sight! Also, keep in mind your ceiling heights when purchasing large entertainment centers and book cases. 

Principles of Furniture Arrangement  

Scale is probably the most important aspect of furniture arrangement that will set your apart from others and give it that "designer feel".

Scale refers the physical properties of the furniture in relationship to height, width and depth. It’s important that the scale of furniture works not only with the other pieces in the room but also within the room itself.

For example, a very small room with really large furniture feels cramped. Just like a large room, especially one with high ceilings, can be hard to warm up with small scaled furniture.

Balance refers to the relationship of your furniture to the room and each other.

According to Kiwi Mod Furniture, There are 2 types of balance: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical.

  • Symmetrical Symmetrical design is very balanced. For example, if there is chair on one side of the fireplace then there will be the exact same chair on the other side of the fireplace. This type of furniture arrangement will feel restful.
  • Asymmetrical Asymmetrical design is not quite as rigidly balanced. If there is a chair on one side of the fireplace, there may or may not be another chair on the other side. If there is a chair, it will not be the exact same one. This type of furniture arrangement will have a sense of motion and excitement.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Try to incorporate of variety of heights and materials to your room. A room feels more comfortable with variety. For example, a family room with all heavy wood tables doesn't feel as comfortable as one that has at least some glass, metal or other material within it.

Also, a room that has all the same height of upholstered goods needs to have a tall floor lamp, tree or something to give it a comfortable feeling.

A Look at Popular House Siding Options

Few home repairs or improvements can improve the value, appearance and curb appeal of a home like new house siding. Siding gives homeowners an ideal way of adding definition and color to their houses. Nothing affects a home’s appearance more dramatically than the exterior siding that someone chooses.

There are many options nowadays to help a homeowner create the perfect façade, but it is advisable to choose wisely. As much as aesthetics are important, the material’s versatility, durability, ease of installation and ability to resist water should be considered. When shopping, one should go for a siding material that matches the house’s architectural style. Below is a look at some popular house siding options.  

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Its versatility, ease of maintenance and low cost has made it the most popular siding choice. In addition to being tough, vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. Scratches and nicks cannot appear since the color is contained throughout the material. This siding material is lightweight and can often be directly installed over existing materials, meaning it’s a good retrofit option. Its ease of handling makes its installation quick, thus saving labor costs.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is commonly applied for Cape Cod, cottage and bungalow exteriors. It comes in clapboard, shakes and shingles. Clapboard siding utilizes planks of wood that are installed horizontally, with an upper piece overlapping a lower piece. The best wood choices redwood and western red cedar, which are known for their attractiveness and durability. Shingles have a more uniform appearance when compared to shakes, although they are thinner, giving a consistent and smooth look. They can add visual interest to a home’s exterior given that it is possible to cut them into different shapes. If maintained properly, wood siding can offer a rich look and last a long time.  

Cedar Siding

Houses sided in cedar shingles, also referred to as shakes blend excellently with wooden landscapes. These shingles are made using natural cedar and are usually stained grays, browns or any other earthen colors. Shakes have a natural real wood look but usually need less maintenance when compared to wood clapboard. Peeling can be minimized by the use of stain as opposed to paint.  

Stone Siding

The durability and natural beauty of stones such as limestone and granite appeal to homeowners who want a siding that adds visual interest and texture to their interior. However, concerns about costs should be put into consideration since stone is more expensive when compared to other siding options. It is also harder to add to an existing house. Stone-veneer is cheaper and more lightweight than natural stone natural stone, and is available in both synthetic and natural materials.  

Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco is made using Portland cement, building sand, water and lime. It can be used on houses with stone and brick surfaces. Since stucco is quite rigid, the possibilities of unwanted cracks can be reduced by careful installation. With proper installation and maintenance, stucco siding can last the home’s lifetime.  

Our Source We have used CraneSiding.net as a source of information . If you would like to get more detailed info do not wait and visit their website.

The benefits of having a Conservatory

Do you enjoy sipping your Sunday morning coffee quietly on your balcony? Do you enjoy spending your evenings with your loved one gazing at the stars and sipping a glass of wine? Do you enjoy a savory roasted chicken dinner, garnished with fresh herbs? In all honesty, who doesn't? But what happens when the chilly drafts of autumn make that impossible, when it is too chilly to enjoy the outdoors, and all the plants wilt? That is when you should consider building a sunroom onto your home.

For so many more reasons than simply being able to drink your wine or coffee in a beautiful, sheltered space full of luscious greenery, a sunroom is the perfect addition to your home… Visit http://conservatorydesigns.ie/ to find out how much more homey your home can be by making this addition you won’t ever regret.

Painting and Protecting Facades

When painting facades it is not only important to think about the aesthetics, but it is also necessary to take into account the facade’s protection, because these types of areas are exposed to the elements.

The main corrosive agent of walls in the open is the moisture created by the rains, because it builds up over the years without us even noticing it until it causes serious damages, to both the exterior and the interior of a building; creating problems such as leaks, rust, niter, waterlogging, among many others. In many cases these damages reach the point of being unfixable, making it necessary to demolish and rebuild entire areas.

Impernet Impermeabilizantes, a leading waterproofing company, recommends painting the facades using paints made of acrylic resin to protect the walls against water seepage and to avoid the most of the potential damages caused by moisture, as mentioned above.

Acrylic paints (also known as elastomers) are essentially very similar to other paints: they can be diluted in water and with them you can form any color palette desired. But due to its chemical composition they have the ability to form an impermeable plastic layer on the surfaces where they are used, sealing perfectly and completely avoiding the accumulation of moisture that corrodes walls.

This type of paints also has an application process similar to the other paints...

1.    The first step is to thoroughly clean the area to be painted, removing dust and dirt as much as possible, completely removing any residual paints previously applied. This is in order to ensure that the waterproof coating has an effective adherence and does not present bubbles.

2.    Then, the area has to be coated with any water based primary sealant. This will form an intermediate layer between the wall and the paint that helps to seal small cracks and strengthens the adherence. This primary layer must be allowed to dry for approximately 30 minutes.

3.    The next thing to do is to properly prepare the paint, dissolving it in water at a ratio of 1 to 10; that is: if you are going to use 1 gallon of paint, then it is necessary to dilute it with 1/10 gallon of water.

4.    Once the paint is prepared it must be applied by brush or roller, trying to spread it as evenly as possible to avoid lumps or runoff. This layer must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 2 hours.

5.    Optional, if you want to increase the facade’s protection, you can apply a second coat of paint; exactly repeating the previous step.

While the acrylic based paints have a higher cost and lower performance than the conventional paints, it is worth making use of them when it comes to exterior coating; because with a little more investment you received many benefits, taking also into account that their service life can reach 10 years.

The Facts about Wine Aerators

Aerators have become so popular now-a-days and the common questions people arise are whether they work or are they for gadget freaks or how is it better than a decanter? If you are also flooded with such doubts then the following lines may be of some help for you.

Wine Aerators are similar to decanters as far as the purpose is concerned but these are easy and handy to use to get the required flavor and texture of wine. They are actually designed to make the process what a decanter does faster. You need to hold the aerator above your glass and pour the wine into it. Some aerators can be fitted to the bottle itself. The main concept behind aerating is to bring the wine in contact with air so that it breathes and opens up with the desirable aromas coming out strikingly. The texture also gets improved as the tannins are softened. This aerating process is suitable for red wines.

The taste and texture is improved drastically when the younger red wine is exposed to air. Older wines also can be aerated or more precisely decanted in this case. Some people may have a doubt of whether white wines need aerating. Of course they can be aerated but the improvement in taste is not as distinct as in red wines. Even a human being needs stretching when he is closed for so much time. Same is the case with wine. It needs to open up after getting bottled for so many years. Aerating always improves any type of wine and it never deteriorates the wine unless you specifically like non-aerated wines.

Is a decanter better or an aerator? This question is a hot topic among wine enthusiasts. Actually we don’t say one is better than the other but they have different results. If we need to have wine instantly you can’t go for a decanter. In such cases an aerator provides air to the wine quickly and you can have it in a few seconds. If you want see how the wine tastes after a longer period of time then decanter serves best. The choice of an aerator and a decanter is completely done by an individual’s interest. There are quite a variety of aerators available in the market these days. You may be in a dilemma to buy what. Some tested aerators are as follows:

Vinturi which costs about 40$ and works perfect with a mechanism of mixing the exact amount of air with the wine. It also comes with a filter for the wines which have deposits.

Host aerator which costs about 26$ works similar to Vinturi aerator. It has a longer structure and is directly fitted to the bottle.

What you Should Consider in Choosing Candle Holders

These days, candles are one of the sought-after gifts aside from making it a source of extra income or a way to relax and refresh. It is also one great way of making a simple occasion more special and memorable. As such, it is just but right to choose the right candles and candle holders. And how can you do it? Here are easy tips and pointers.

First thing, take note that it requires money to buy candle holders so see to it that the product you will be buying will worth it.

Basically, candle holders are used to keep candle drips from the table, floor, or wherever you place it. As such, it must go with the size and style of the candles. But of course another way around to protect your table from dirt is to buy protective dining table pads.

For candle holders, among the types that you can consider are decorative candle holders, tea lights, wall mounted, and tapered holders. One effective way to help you in choosing is to use and explore the net. There are different online stores that can give you a long array of selections. Going online can help you save time, effort and money in going from one store to the other just to check out candle holders style and types.

If in case you are planning a party be it a birthday party or a simple get together with your friends, the right candles and candle holders can make a big difference. For an outdoor party, which is usually the case, candles placed along the walkways would be great. There are varied designs around so you can choose the style that you want. It would be better if you choose varied colors as well to make your party exciting and visually appealing. On the other hand, if the party is meant for children, see to it that the candles and candle holders used are safe especially if it is electronically operated.

If you are considering the candles and candle holders as gift presents or token, personalized items would be a better choice. You can have printed designs of your guest’s name or even a message to appreciate their presence or to express gratitude for their loyalty or good deeds done. You can do it yourself or you can ask help from an expert. Either way, make sure that the design is suited to the person who will be receiving your present.
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