IPhone App RoomHints Review

New information technology has always amazed us in the last few years. It has really made our lives better and more comfortable. We have become more attached to our smartphones, tablets and computer more than ever before, for the simple reason that these devices and their software can provide us with many services. In addition, designers of smartphones applications always come up with new ideas for all our daily life needs. The example of the iPhone application called RoomHints is making a difference in the world of smartphone applications. It has been recently launched in beta version but it gained more popularity due to its importance. The official launching of RoomHints will be during the end of October according to the company.

It is very important to mention that RoomHints application, co-founded and designed by Tiffany Willson, was recently rated by Consumer Reports as the number one application for home-design shopping. It has also been featured in several new media outlets and websites such as Wakefield, Fox News, American Express, Shop Smart and others. In fact, the interest in home design and interior furniture has increased because of modernity and fast social changes. People are looking for simple but convenient design for their homes. However, they may get frustrated and could not choose the most attractive design by themselves.

The main purpose behind RoomHints application is to provide help in such cases. It is a very effective solution for those who look for a new piece of furniture for their rooms or lounges or those who would renew their private home spaces. Tiffany, a graduated interior designer, was so conscious that a lot of demand for room hints would cause her too much energy and time. Each time a friend asked her for a suggestion, she had to do things physically; that would be like a traditional way for a new modern graduated interior designer.

Then the idea of RoomHints application came as a result of deep thinking about how it should work. Through three simple steps, the user of the application RoomHints can get enough feedback that will inspire him/her to have the best home decoration. First, the user should tell RoomHints designer about what s/he is looking for. Second, s/he can have a photo of the space be it a room or a lounge for example. This photo will help designers to see how the space could be refurnished. Then as a last step, the user will find important hints that work exactly as s/he wishes.

It is indeed an amazing application with an original idea. Professionals and experts in interior design could have been never reached for opinions and suggestions more than today with this new application.

Window Coverings

You can express your unique style and make your home beautiful at the same time by dressing your windows with Curtain Valances. You should concentrate on window coverings because they can add beauty to your room as well as blocking out heat and cold.

It may be difficult to decide what window coverings to use due to the large variety of choices. Following are some things to consider before purchasing window coverings.

  • What do you like and dislike about your current window coverings?
  • Do you need insulation due to heat or cold and what kind of light control do you need?
  • What kind of decorations do you have in your room?
  • Do you live in a climate that needs insulation or energy efficiency ?
  • How much privacy do you need?
  • What is your budget?

Window blinds can be used in every room in your house and they come in a wide range of colors. Typically the vertical blinds are made of fabric to match the room’s colors and furniture. They are usually used over sliding glass doors. Horizontal blinds are made from wood, vinyl, aluminum or faux wood in a range of slat sizes.

Cellular shades are the best pick if you are looking for a dressy, energy efficient window treatment. They are made of a honeycomb pleated fabric and there are a variety of colors. They can be sheer to let light in or they can also come in a room darkening fabric.

Wood shutters. If you are looking for a long term investment, wood shutters or roll shutters are the most durable window covering. They are low maintenance and only require simple dusting. The offer privacy and light control in your rooms.

Roll shutters outside your window give you a safety shield to your exterior windows and they can be rolled up and down by pushing a button. They can also protect your house from storms and reduce your heating and cooling costs by providing a thermal barrier. Foam filled aluminum shutters will reflect and absorb sound waves, giving you a quieter home.

Care and cleaning of blinds and shades

Dusting will work on just about any blind or shade. The surface of the blinds or slats of mini blinds, wood blinds are smooth so the dust can be brushed off easily.

Vacuuming is the preferred method for fabric shades. Just use the vacuum’s brush attachment.
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