How to Choose Tile

Tile is one of the most versatile product available on the market today. There is an astronomical variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes and textures to choose from. The most common types of tile consist of glazed, and non-glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and natural stone tiles. When considering adding tile to your home there are a few characteristics of tile to consider before choosing the color and style. For more assistant in choosing your tile for your home project you can call best tile San Francisco

Slip Resistance

This is important when considering where you are going to place the tile. Will it be a kitchen or bath where you will need asurface that has more slip resistance as opossed to the bedroom?

Size and color of the grout joints

This will tremendously effect the overall look of the tile and the room.

The thickness of the tile, size of the tile and the suitability of the substructure.

The thickness of tile is very important when you are not tiling your entire house. If you have a very thick tile butt up against a flat carpet then your going to have an awkward transition and probably a dangerous tripping situation. And it certainly won't look attractive!

The size is important in the sense that you want to maintain proper scale within your space. For example, you may want a smaller tile on the floor of your shower for better slip resistance and larger ones on the wall and the floor of the rest of your bathroom.

The suitability of the construction is important when considering where you want to place your tile. For example, if you would like to tile your stairs they will need to be reinforced so that they are strong enough to withstand the weight.

The same goes for if you would like to tile the second story of your home. Chances are that you will need to have the entire floor reinforced to withstand the additional weight. This is a very expensive option so before you have your heart set on it contact a subcontractor to come out and take a look and quote you a price.

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