LCD wall installation – dangers of DIY

Televisions are thinner and lighter than they used to be ten years ago, this makes for so many possibilities. With the Televisions being smaller they take up less space, and now you can hang them on your wall, like putting a photograph up.

The trouble is mounting a LCD television to your wall is much more difficult than hanging a photograph. It is actually dangerous to do TV installs yourself unless you are a professional. There are several reasons not to hang your LCD television yourself.

  1. Parts. The mount, not all mounts fit all televisions. Even when they say “universal” on the manufacture slip of the mount. You need to compare the mount to your television before buying the mount. You can often do this by calling the manufacturers to see what will fit your television properly.
  2. Tools. You need to be sure that you have the proper tools. Without them you will surely have a disaster on your hands. A professional installer will have the proper tools needed to mount your television; stud finder, power drill, screw driver, and a level.
  3. Risk. If you are hanging the television by yourself, then this could be a costly disaster. Televisions are lighter than they used to be however, it’s not easy to hold them up by yourself and finish the mount, you could drop your television, and then have to spend 100s to 1000s of dollars to replace it. Most professionals have a partner to save them from these costly mistakes.
  4. Placement. If you don’t have the mount of the television in the studs of the wall, then the television will fall. That will cause damage to your wall, break your television, and possibly injure anyone who is nearby. Professionals know where to find the studs in the wall. They can save you from this costly mistake.
  5. Also positioning is important. Many DIYers  find they get to the end of the job and the angle isn’t quite right from where they wanted to view it from and the images don’t have the right resolution, sort of like a laptop when angled slightly the wrong way.
  6. Children. This is the most important thing of all. Many home installers never even consider that at some point a child may pull or hang on your TV. No matter how well behaved your children normally are, this is very common and people do not consider it. A falling TV sends a child to the Emergency about every 30 minutes and there are hundreds of deaths a year. Protect your family and trust a professional

Hiring professionals can seem expensive however, it can be more expensive if you were to mount your LCD television yourself and it fell. There are a couple of things you can do when searching for a professional installer.

  1. Cost. You can call around and search online for local installers and ask about the cost, find out if they charge by the hour or per job.
  2. Licenses. If you are going to want your wires hidden in the wall you want to be sure that your installer is a licensed electrician. You want to be comfortable knowing that he will do the job properly.
  3. Search out reviews if it is possible. Look on the Internet; ask other people if they have used other companies.
  4. Experience. Just having a little conversation will give you a clue about their experience. The best one for the job will probably ask the most questions about your job or give an on-site estimate.

Mounting your LCD television does not have to be a stressful task. Save yourself time and frustration and call in the professionals.
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