Wine Cellars Designs

Wine Cellars are becoming more popular. As I look at new model homes I've discovered that many of the high end homes now offer wine cellars as an option.

If you are a wine lover you want to have a place to put your collection.

You may want to consider having a wine cellar custom made if you already own a house without one or the builder you are working with does not offer a wine cellar option. The average cellar temperture is between 52 and 55 degrees with humidity ranging around 70% so if you have an existing cellar you already perfect places to store your wine collection!

The wine cellar can take up just a portion of your basement for a modest collection or the entire space for an extensive collection. A 7 x 3 foot space with a 9 foot ceiling can hold about 300 bottles, a 9 x 4 foot space with a 9 foot celing can hold 800 bottles and a 13 x 4 foot space with a 9 foot ceiling can hold 1,200 plus bottles. Custom wine cellars vary widely in price due to size and materials such as etched mirrors, hand painted tiles, and stained glass that can be incorporated into their design. The price simply for the cooling units in a custom cellar start at about $1,400 so even a small cellar can be quite an investment.

There are many companies that will custom make a wine cellar for you. Many even have wine cellar kits that you can purchase and put together yourself.

However,the look, ambiance and the quality of the storage is absolutely worth the price if you are a serious wine connoisseur.

Here are some options for your wine cellar:

An under cabinet wine cooler. If you make it 24 inches high and 24 inches wide, it will hold 30 to 50 bottles of wine. This type of cooler will cost $1,400 to $1,700. Wine coolers are also becoming popular in master baths adding to the luxury feeling.

A wet bar can be modified to include a wine cooler with wine glasses stored overhead.

A full size wine cooler,same size as a refrigerator can hold 130 to 150 bottles.

You can convert your kitchen desk area into a bar area by raising the height of the countertop and adding a wine cooler. You can put a rack for wine glasses above it. This will become a focal area for your kitchen.

If you like the Mediterrean/Tuscan look you can have a special wine room complete with an iron gate. You can do this with a closet. Put in hardwood shelves, granite countertop and brick detailing on the ceiling. You can also have custom lighting and stone on the walls.

Decide which option is best for you and you will be toasting your decision to include a wine room in your home.

For the price sensitive buyer who wants a wine cellar all is not lost. Another option is to go for one of the many specialized units that are made for under the counter and store wine at optimal tempertures. They sell for a mere couple of hundred dollars! I believe that we will be seeing many more wine cellars being incorporated in house plans.

In addition to the home builders the major home retailers are jumping on board with this trend. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma to name just a few are carrying many more products that are used to serve and hold wine for parties.
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