Tips on choosing the right type of outdoor furniture

Wood Furniture

  • Cedar - is a great wood for outdoor furniture as it does not warp and crack as much as other woods and it contains natural oils to help protect against humidity and other damaging elements.
  • Redwood - redwood is a beautiful red colored wood that is known for its ability to widthstand all seasons. Redwood aslo hold stains better than most other woods do to its open cell structure, this means that you can apply stains and protectants.
  • Poplar - Poplar is an excellent alternative to the more expensive cedar and redwood, yet it is not as durable as cedar or redwood. It can be stained.
  • Pine - Pine is a relatively inexpensive wood. It is not as good for outdoor furniture as cedar, poplar, or redwood. If you buy pine furniture I would suggest the pressure treated type as you can paint it and it will last longer than standard pine.

About Teak

Teak is a very durable wood as it will not warp. If you leave it outside under the weather for about 9 months it will become a beautiful silvery color. If don't want this to happen you can always treat the wood with teak sealer to maintain its natural golden brown color.

Plastic Patio Furniture A Cost Effective and Durable Solution

First, we are proud to announce that plastic patio sets are made of recycled materials. They are not only environmentally economic but also ideal for your garden, patio or backyard. Durable and everlasting, our recycled plastic patio furniture looks just like real wood except it is maintenance free.
Choose from fun and stylish bar height dining set to traditional bistro sets. Available in a variety of colors so you can tailor the set to your desires. Each piece of any set is weather resistant and each one is compounded with permanent, UV stabilized colors.

This also eliminates the need for painting, staining, waterproofing, stripping and resurfacing. Each sturdy piece also resists moisture meaning your furniture will not warp, rot, splinter or crack. Please choose from these spectacular plastic patio sets that you will be proud to own for a lifetime!
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