Restaurant Patio Umbrellas Design

Restaurant umbrellas are a great way to keep your customers happy. They are durable and keep our the hot sun and weather.

You customers will appreciate the comfortable atmosphere created by and umbrella. Often times outdoor restaurants have their umbrellas positioned in a way that the sun can get through to the table. By using a restaurant umbrella you'll ensure that this does not happen.

Restaurant umbrellas are designed to have a larger area of coverage. They are also more durable than most patio umbrellas. You'll find that umbrellas don't only keep out the sun, but they create a pleasant environment.

You'll find table umbrellas from wood, aluminum, steel, and more.

You'll also find many colors, models and types. We have straight, offset, side post, garden, beach, market, and restraunt umbrellas.

We hope that your find the right umbrella for your patio so as you can enjoy the summer and shade you and your family from the sun.

Remember always choose an umbrella that matches your decor and is flexible in its movement. Also, look for a good sturdy weighted base to keep the wind from tipping your umbrella over. 

 Side Post Patio Umbrellas Give You More Flexibility

Side post umbrellas give you many more options than a regular straigh post umbrella. You can position a side post umbrella in almost any way that you want. They are not only good for covering tables, but you can also place them around the pool, next to benches, and anything you can imagine.

It is good to get a side post umbrella that has a solid base and can swivel 360 degrees. This will keep the umbrella from tipping over in high winds and the swiveling capability allows you to move the umbrella according to the sun's direction.

Your entire family will enjoy a side post umbrella. You can place them over your children's play areas, your pets resting spots, etc.
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