Which to choose aluminium or wicker for your outdoor furniture?

Enjoy The Style And Durability Of Aluminum Patio Furniture
Aluminum is a relatively soft material in comparison to other metals, allowing designers to craft amazing forms and shapes out of it.

Having outdoor aluminum furniture is a stylish way to express your taste in your own backyard! Never rusting aluminum makes perfect patio furniture that resist sun shine, rain and snow. With minimum maintenance you can enjoy your aluminum sets for years and years to come!

Add the classic style of wicker patio furniture to your patio

Wicker is loved by many for its simple elegance and style. Wicker is also a great material for outdoor patio furniture due to the fact that it stands up well to the damaging effects of sun, rain, and seaside salt air. The only suggestion that I have is to keep your wicker furniture inside during the winter as the process of freezing can have slight damaging effects to wicker.

Wicker is a great furniture because it blends well with your existing peices. You can mix it with upholstered peices, polished wood peices, practically whatever you want and it will fit.

Wicker orginally became very popular in the Victorian era because it was thought to be more sanitary than cloth furniture.

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