Roof restoration can greatly increase the life of a building

Roof restoration can greatly increase the life of a building's roof, while saving money for the property owner. As its name implies, roof restoration is about improving the existing structure of the roof in order to prolong its usefulness. Unless the roof has been irreparably neglected or damaged, the framework of the roof is most likely to still be sound. Thus, it does not need to be completely replaced. By making certain upgrades and replacing beams and other components that have out lived their use, the property owner can use what is still good about the current structure.

Besides saving money by using what is still good, roof restoration has many other cost-saving advantages. Since restoration is a maintenance expense, the cost can be immediately attributed to the business as an expense. Further, it is advantageous to extend the life of a roof through restoration since the government allows the depreciation of the roof to extend over a 39 year period. Both of these factors can have benefits during tax time.

Further, roof restoration allows one to take advantage of special promotions and discounts. For instance, many states and municipalities offer tax credits and rebates for businesses and homes that upgrade their roofs. Also, insurance companies often lower a structure’s premiums if the restoration reduces the risk of fire.

The good news about roof restoration is that there are a lot of options from which to choose. Thus, there are solutions for everything from asphalt and gravel hybrids to metal roofing applications. Also, many property owners choose to take advantage of new high-tech coating processes, which can greatly save on a building’s energy costs and prolong the life of the roof itself.

In order to be a candidate for a roof restoration, it is imperative that the roof have a complete and thorough inspection no more than 6 months before the project is to begin. Since the success of the restoration depends upon the overall soundness of the roof, it is necessary to examine the beams and supports of the roof, as well as it insulation. Further, the roof must be checked for water damage and penetration using an infrared scanner. If the roof is found to be structurally sound, then the roof restoration may proceed.

A roof restoration is a great option for property owners looking to extend the life of their buildings, while at the same time saving money.

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