7 Steps to Turn Your Spare Room into a Home Theater

So you’ve got that spare bedroom or office no one ever seems to use. Why not put it to good use and make something your whole family will enjoy? Creating a home theater or media room is much easier than we think. While we all have a television in our living room is this really the best place to enjoy a great movie, watch HD television or listen to our favorite tunes? A traditional living room configuration is not the ideal set up for getting maximum enjoyment out of your home theater. So how do we create the perfect environment without breaking the bank?  

Prepare the space.
Remove all furniture, curtains, wall hangings, and decorations from the room. Even if you intend on using some of these items in your finished media room or home theater you want to start with a blank slate. Empty any closets which happen to be in the room as well and remove the closet door. Closets can be an ideal location to set up your equipment later on. If you plan on making this an option, a ceiling vent must be installed to pull heat from the equipment out of the space to prevent your things from overheating.  

Choose where you will place your screen. It should ideally be on the largest wall in the room and not directly across from a window. Run all the wires for your equipment. This is best done by going up through the ceiling above where your equipment will be set up which also makes the closet a great option as you will have to worry less about hiding wires later except those which come down to the screen. It is best to run all your HDMI wires through an HDMI switcher. This will mean you will only have one HDMI connecting to your screen. If you have older devices which do not have the HDMI connection conversion cables or attachments are available. Wire all of the connections into an HDMI switcher.

When you are setting up the wires, use wire ties to keep them nicely organized. This will prevent you from ever having to untangle the blasted things ever again. Run the HDMI wire through the ceiling if possible. If you live in an apartment or condo and this is not possible, lead the wires down the wall if possible with the exit point being behind the screen. Should this not be possible, run the wires along the base of the wall, they can be secured with electrical tape to keep them out of your way and prevent them from becoming damaged.  

Sound Panel.
Attach an acoustic sound panel to each wall if possible to help reduce the noise traveling to other rooms within the house or to your neighbors.  

Mount your TV.
Hang your television mounting bracket in the center of your chosen wall if you will be using a flat screen TV. This will save you floor space and prevent the room from appearing cluttered as well as providing a more theater-like set up.  

Wireless system.
If possible, choose a wireless surround sound system to prevent having to run countless wires all over the room. Mount the speakers as instructed in the system manual for best results.  

Use genuine theater style curtains for your windows and to block off the closet space where your equipment is being held. Lushes Curtains has the ideal curtains for your home theater or media room set up. These 100% cotton velvet curtains come in a wide variety of colors and lengths and are not only a great addition to your décor but also provide you with ideal conditions for your movie viewing. These curtains will block all light from the room and also provide sound reduction.

Use of this type of curtain means you will not disrupt the rest of the household or your neighbors which you are enjoying your home theater experience. They are easy to mount, made only of the finest materials, and are durable and long lasting. It is also advisable to hang one of these curtains across the closet door where you’ve stashed your theater equipment as it will provide a lovely decorative effect, protect your equipment, and block any lights which are displayed on their panels. You can find our 100% Cotton Velvet curtains (which work best for sound reduction) on the this link: https://www.lushescurtains.com/cotton-velvet-curtains 

Choose furnishings which suit the size and floor space of the room. It is better to have furniture which is a bit on the smaller side if you’ve chosen a small room so it does not become overwhelmed by larger pieces. This will provide you with maximum floor space as well. Don’t forget that alternative pieces such as bean bag chairs can be used in addition to more traditional furniture to allow more seating without compromising space.


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