Your home - the next big Film Location?

The movie industry and print magazines are always looking for new locations. Your property may be just the thing they are looking for. If you are willing to share your property for a price then listing your property with a location library is a good idea.

Say you live in a big city like London and an agency is looking for a great London photographic location for hire. Your property has great double height ceilings, parquet floors, Southwest facing windows and a lovely open plan feel.  

How do you put it on offer?

First make sure you have high quality shots of your interior and exterior. It would be worth it to hire a professional to get the best views possible. Include different angles that show the flow of the rooms, lighting, and types of window your property has.

Most location agencies look for large rooms and a minimalist décor. But don’t think that rules you out if you have a funky, one-of-a-kind interior. If you are a packrat and have stacks and stacks of interesting objects around, that may be just what someone is looking for as well.

Here is a list of other attributes that may sell well:
  • Double height windows 
  • Floor to ceiling windows 
  • Open fires 
  • Rough brick walls 
  • Brick wall 
  • Roll top bath
  • Loft style 
  • Mezzanine floors 
  • Seaside location 
  • Open plan kitchen 
  • Period house 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Wooden floors 
  • Roll top bath Ensuite bathrooms 
  • Swimming Pool 

Next, make a list of all the amenities you may have on-site. This may be an outbuilding, extra parking, quiet atmosphere or loads of electrical outlets. This will help you create a profile of your property with contact details.

You may want to check with your local government or housing development about any restrictions or licensing. You may have to get creative to find solutions to accommodate large filming crews but the rewards could be quite lucrative.

After you have all your information together, check for online websites where you can register your place for a percentage of a booking and others which are paid monthly or yearly.

Get advice everywhere you can, such as how to negotiate contracts and what to consider when you are booking a shoot.

Be prepared that client may want to re-paint your walls or change window coverings. Know how far you are willing to go in advance to save dithering during important conversations. It is best to also have a talk with neighbours and get their co-operation before signing anything.

 Lights, camera, action, income.

LCD wall installation – dangers of DIY

Televisions are thinner and lighter than they used to be ten years ago, this makes for so many possibilities. With the Televisions being smaller they take up less space, and now you can hang them on your wall, like putting a photograph up.

The trouble is mounting a LCD television to your wall is much more difficult than hanging a photograph. It is actually dangerous to do TV installs yourself unless you are a professional. There are several reasons not to hang your LCD television yourself.

  1. Parts. The mount, not all mounts fit all televisions. Even when they say “universal” on the manufacture slip of the mount. You need to compare the mount to your television before buying the mount. You can often do this by calling the manufacturers to see what will fit your television properly.
  2. Tools. You need to be sure that you have the proper tools. Without them you will surely have a disaster on your hands. A professional installer will have the proper tools needed to mount your television; stud finder, power drill, screw driver, and a level.
  3. Risk. If you are hanging the television by yourself, then this could be a costly disaster. Televisions are lighter than they used to be however, it’s not easy to hold them up by yourself and finish the mount, you could drop your television, and then have to spend 100s to 1000s of dollars to replace it. Most professionals have a partner to save them from these costly mistakes.
  4. Placement. If you don’t have the mount of the television in the studs of the wall, then the television will fall. That will cause damage to your wall, break your television, and possibly injure anyone who is nearby. Professionals know where to find the studs in the wall. They can save you from this costly mistake.
  5. Also positioning is important. Many DIYers  find they get to the end of the job and the angle isn’t quite right from where they wanted to view it from and the images don’t have the right resolution, sort of like a laptop when angled slightly the wrong way.
  6. Children. This is the most important thing of all. Many home installers never even consider that at some point a child may pull or hang on your TV. No matter how well behaved your children normally are, this is very common and people do not consider it. A falling TV sends a child to the Emergency about every 30 minutes and there are hundreds of deaths a year. Protect your family and trust a professional

Hiring professionals can seem expensive however, it can be more expensive if you were to mount your LCD television yourself and it fell. There are a couple of things you can do when searching for a professional installer.

  1. Cost. You can call around and search online for local installers and ask about the cost, find out if they charge by the hour or per job.
  2. Licenses. If you are going to want your wires hidden in the wall you want to be sure that your installer is a licensed electrician. You want to be comfortable knowing that he will do the job properly.
  3. Search out reviews if it is possible. Look on the Internet; ask other people if they have used other companies.
  4. Experience. Just having a little conversation will give you a clue about their experience. The best one for the job will probably ask the most questions about your job or give an on-site estimate.

Mounting your LCD television does not have to be a stressful task. Save yourself time and frustration and call in the professionals.

Wine Cellars Designs

Wine Cellars are becoming more popular. As I look at new model homes I've discovered that many of the high end homes now offer wine cellars as an option.

If you are a wine lover you want to have a place to put your collection.

You may want to consider having a wine cellar custom made if you already own a house without one or the builder you are working with does not offer a wine cellar option. The average cellar temperture is between 52 and 55 degrees with humidity ranging around 70% so if you have an existing cellar you already perfect places to store your wine collection!

The wine cellar can take up just a portion of your basement for a modest collection or the entire space for an extensive collection. A 7 x 3 foot space with a 9 foot ceiling can hold about 300 bottles, a 9 x 4 foot space with a 9 foot celing can hold 800 bottles and a 13 x 4 foot space with a 9 foot ceiling can hold 1,200 plus bottles. Custom wine cellars vary widely in price due to size and materials such as etched mirrors, hand painted tiles, and stained glass that can be incorporated into their design. The price simply for the cooling units in a custom cellar start at about $1,400 so even a small cellar can be quite an investment.

There are many companies that will custom make a wine cellar for you. Many even have wine cellar kits that you can purchase and put together yourself.

However,the look, ambiance and the quality of the storage is absolutely worth the price if you are a serious wine connoisseur.

Here are some options for your wine cellar:

An under cabinet wine cooler. If you make it 24 inches high and 24 inches wide, it will hold 30 to 50 bottles of wine. This type of cooler will cost $1,400 to $1,700. Wine coolers are also becoming popular in master baths adding to the luxury feeling.

A wet bar can be modified to include a wine cooler with wine glasses stored overhead.

A full size wine cooler,same size as a refrigerator can hold 130 to 150 bottles.

You can convert your kitchen desk area into a bar area by raising the height of the countertop and adding a wine cooler. You can put a rack for wine glasses above it. This will become a focal area for your kitchen.

If you like the Mediterrean/Tuscan look you can have a special wine room complete with an iron gate. You can do this with a closet. Put in hardwood shelves, granite countertop and brick detailing on the ceiling. You can also have custom lighting and stone on the walls.

Decide which option is best for you and you will be toasting your decision to include a wine room in your home.

For the price sensitive buyer who wants a wine cellar all is not lost. Another option is to go for one of the many specialized units that are made for under the counter and store wine at optimal tempertures. They sell for a mere couple of hundred dollars! I believe that we will be seeing many more wine cellars being incorporated in house plans.

In addition to the home builders the major home retailers are jumping on board with this trend. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma to name just a few are carrying many more products that are used to serve and hold wine for parties.

Shopping for Furniture? Know Where The Best Places to Buy

If you are just about to start furnishing your home, do you know the places where to buy high end and quality value furniture? Of course, a furniture store is not included in the list since it is primarily where one must go to buy furniture.  After all, it is a specialty store that caters different kind of furnishing needs and is focused on distributing and selling furniture. Furniture store could be a nationwide chains or a locally owned one. Well, here are some suggestions where to go aside from a furniture store.

Flea Markets. 
If you are for antique pieces then flea markets are your kind of place. Flea markets could be your furniture bargain heaven if you know what to find and what you want. After all, the trending style of furniture for this year is recycled or reclaimed wood to furniture.  There are lots of unique and one of a kind pieces that you can only get from flea markets. You must not also expect to find a wide range of selection from different furniture manufactures.

This includes EBay where buying for something like furniture deals with your ability and insistence of monitoring for the item and actually paying for it with the bid price.  Some have permanent facilities while others use the location or a nearby site for the sale to auction off furniture. When you find a reputable auctioneer keep contacting them for an updated listing on local auctions. Auction sites are the place if you want to find prized and treasured furniture pieces.

Dollar and Discount Stores. 
Most often than not, these kinds of stores keep a wide variety of pieces and furniture set. However, oftentimes these pieces are not the best of quality that is why they are at a very affordable price. If you are on a budget, then a dollar store could be your one stop shop.

Online Furniture Stores. 
One of the most popular ways to shop for quality discount furniture is through online. This is because of the convenience and hassle free transaction that online shopping offers and the fact that most online store don’t keep a physical store to save from other expenses thus having the lowest price possible.  The only additional expense to be incurred is the shipping fee but there is an online furniture store that offers free shipping. You just have to find the best online quality furniture shop that also guarantee to provide safe and secure shopping.

Local Warehouse Stores.
Local warehouse store is different from a local furniture shop. But you need more luck and effort if you want to go to this kind of store. Mostly warehouse stores are located in major cities and that, you will be just presented with a limited selection since the items left are the things that were not used or just a surplus of the items. A great sample of a warehouse store is located in a local hotel where have purchased bulk furniture and turned out it was not the furniture needed so they have put it on sale.

Unusual Home Design

A property is just not a property until eventually you have fit your own personal effect with it. One method to make it happen should be to get around mass-produced models that could seem to be one of a kind to the year, but become in each and every house inside obstruct from the occasion the summer season has expired.

As an alternative, hunt for excellent and long life as part of your one of a kind house design (like this lollipop house design) statements therefore you is not going to should get worried later on.

You will not solely spend less over time by means of deciding on long-lasting, excellent, art work goods, but you'll also make it much more challenging intended for neighbours to content your style.

Customized Doorways

The 1st pretty factor that your targeted visitor recognizes is the threshold. It's also probably the most overlooked design take into account mass-produced cookie-cutter properties.

Rest room building a design statement with custom made doorways in and outside the house can have such a substantial visible effect. Customized models can fixed this stage to get a particular fashion.

Doorways with design information just like discolored cup and wrought iron can cause an existing entire world allure right from the start.

Outdated American elegance certainly not quickly scans the blogosphere connected with fashion and that look and feel can be started at your front door.

Other forms connected with describing unavailable in mass-produced home designs are generally wooden carving, inlays, and lovely equipment. You shouldn't be stingy when you're choosing ones custom made front door. It's going to develop an excellent first impact that's long-lasting and tough to tremble.

Craft Items

Indicate identical excellent selections in the rest of the family with custom made models of which demonstrate of which your home is one of a kind. Murals which are created specifically for your crafted bedrooms can be a great way to create of which statement.

Even so, any kind of private or even unusual place addition they can double to tell apart your property with the necessity to receive a color comb.

Pics framed in custom made adjustments are definitely one of a kind for a household which enables it to supply lasting entertainment connected with different wonderful functions in your lifetime.

Sculptures selected to bring within a particular sense to the house can be devote this lounge as well as the back garden places. It is possible to individualize almost all almost any house addition by means of generating very careful selections like wood design with beige color.

Put in a custom made lamp-shade to some typical table lamp foundation and it will likely be a genuine creation of which is perfect for your property design system.

Small Facts Make any difference

Make sure you remember your little friend information because this will frequently create this big difference concerning models which are excellent to those who are generally great. As an example, add highlight lighting effects to places to high light custom made works of art of which grace ones walls.

Work with designer window curtain rods rather then plain types. Obtain crafting and sew your own personal place cushions or even put in a household quilt to the lounge through the cold months of winter. It really is a lot of these little touches of which will reveal proper care enough to be aware of possibly your little friend factors in life.

If you need assist in generating these selections, recruit a designer or even buddy into the future look over ones active hide connected with stuff to assist you to find that ought to possibly be featured and available and and this can be eventually left intended for a later date.


Studio Apartment Design

Getting minimal room is probably the largest conditions many individuals face these days. Together with present day tendency of having smaller places along with bedrooms, those who are residing in a compact facility condominium usually are dealing with a wonderful challenge. In case you are residing in a rental product, there is a good idea how minimal space may be.

Consequently how can you convert ones facility condominium in a cozy, relaxing, along with appealing home? Below are a few home decor guidelines; nevertheless, you have to 1st talk to ones landlord as well as property managing in order that ones interior planning concepts usually are acceptable along with allowed.

Get What exactly is Needed

The standard suggestion intended for adorning ones condominium is to ensure that this doesn't happen show up packed, messy, along with tiny. The obvious way to make certain you are certainly not weighed down from the tiny room is to get what is essential. You must stay away from putting non-essential objects. Remember that any facility condominium will not offer the high end associated with setting up pointless objects intended for simple appearance.

Pick a Design

There are numerous models along with themes it is possible to choose from, which includes Mediterranean and current  fashionable, along with skill deco themes. Through deciding on a concept, it will be easy to determine which often fresh paint hues to make use of along with what exactly accessories contain to offer the concept you have in mind.

Also, having a solitary concept will allow you to organize ones home furniture along with belongings to make a suitable movement with the bedroom. Don't forget although to prevent overdoing the planning, nor complicate factors. You should maintain that simple along with make sure that you get well-defined regions along with places.

Painting The particular Surfaces

It's also possible to consider art work the actual rooms of this room; nevertheless, you have to talk to ones landlord if you are permitted to adjust the actual hues with the bedroom. In case you are given permission next you might like to consider using brighter hues, specially for those who have a compact room.

Remember that the actual shades you ultimately choose could influence the actual spatial look associated with almost any bedroom. Making use of brighter color, for example smooth along with muted colors shades, is likely to make ones facility condominium look greater.

Even so, if you wish to use dark hues, make an effort to only feature the actual rooms. Throughout this, the space couldn't look closed-in along with tiny.

Separating The place As well as Introducing Lighting

To make parts inside your room, you need to use partitioning, or maybe you can play it with the floor, use hardwood flooring to make it different with other space.. You need to use goblet as well as timber partitioning. Also, you have to likewise put suitable lighting effects.

This will put attract ones bedroom along with support set the actual mood. Also, suitable lighting effects could make ones facility condominium look fewer crammed.


Apartment Interior Design in Urban Area

Interior design offers frequently been recently any complicated subject matter regarding renters. The amount work does a single want to undergo to improve an area that particular won't basically own? Happily, most interior design issues non-structural do the job which focuses on coloring and home furniture format.

Nonetheless, tenant decorators often seek more quickly, more affordable ways of their particular decoration troubles than their home owner counterparts. Within huge locations wherever housing costs are substantial and area is in a premium, this specific difference is usually all the more noticeable. The truth is, the actual hipper the area, greater imaginative you need to be.

Obtain it from the ground:

It's a good unforgiving concept of dynamics: greater trendy the area, the greater the actual lease and the smaller sized space. In case you ended up to get the actual home furniture at a a single room condominium or perhaps a rooftop penthouse, then chances are you couldn't be able to create a stage without bumping directly into something.

Brand new area arrivals quickly learn to attach bookshelves for the retaining wall whenever you can and lessen the amount of 4 legged home furniture things that consume important important living area.

Urban home furniture merchants handle this specific together with decor made for this reason (see wooden apartment by fixonic as example). Even though you can't afford any swanky slender, modular bookshelf, they are fairly easy to construct on your own.

One good friend of quarry facing funds and area restrictions invented the actual imaginative notion of constructing bookshelves which hang on a series of 35 level sides; setting up a zig zag impact which manufactured me personally speculate the reason why this got certainly not been recently accomplished before, as they say "Necessity will be the mother of invention". Actually dog beds could be retaining wall attached, made to swing action decrease from your retaining wall when necessary. This basic Murphy bed is a good case in point.

Applying Showcases:

Numerous little eateries hire the actual means of employing mirrors to generate their particular area look more substantial. Showcases indicate lighting and, consequently, double the actual conception of level inside a granted bedroom.

Showcases come in a simple selection of designs, sizing's and frames. Find any reflect layout which works best on your granted wall surface area. You can also receive some mirrors and attach them complete opposite another regarding compounded glare that create a straight more substantial conception of area. Remember, on the globe of design, conception is usually seven tenths actuality.

A pair of Places In a single:

A fantastic idea regarding addressing the actual storage devices problems of an little area would be to heighten the actual bed. Once enhanced, space under the bed becomes the perfect utility area. The higher your current limit, greater height (and so storage) you can get absent together with.

Yet another fantastic little condominium piece will be the traveling shoe. Obtain a big shoe, place it by way of a eye-port, toss several bedroom pillows on it, and presto, you have eye-port with capacity of location using a little hint of adventure.

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