Can you fit in a range?

Modern range cooker a commercially inspired with cutting-edge looks, the latest ranges have it all. Ever found yourself cooking a complex feast for family or friends, Hand discovered something just won't fit into the oven or your hob suffers a lack of burners? The solution could be a modern range cooker. Latest ranges combine great looks with multi functionality, endowing the home cook with professional capabilities.

Dual-fuel ranges provide the benefits of both gas and electricity, and hobs usually come with at least five burners - some models also feature griddle or wok hob options.

Their sleek design ensures they are very often easy to keep clean and in top condition. Like their traditional counterparts, modern ranges help to make the kitchen the center of the home, but with the very latest technology.  


Before you rule out a modern range because of size, it's worth considering that some models come in no wider than 70cm. As regular convection ovens are 60cm it means you can end up losing as little as 10cm of cupboard space. Check the depth of the range in relation to the standard depth (60cm) of your units.

Many models will fit snugly, but 'professional'-style designs can be 15cm deeper so they will stand proud of the work surface. Make sure the range can be adjusted to the height of (or just higher than) your cabinets.

Provided you have enough space between the two sets of cabinets, a range cooker is fairly easy to install. It just needs to be located in easy reach of a fuel source.

A gas- or dual-fuel-powered range should be near a gas supply and plug socket. Electric models just need to be located near to a plug socket. The larger the range, the greater the power (extraction rate) and the larger the extractor hood required.
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