Kitchen Heating for winter

Stove or fire can provide extra, controllable heat for larger kitchen-dining-living spaces, adding a cosy focal point to a room where the family might gather to eat, cook and socialize. Sophisticated technology now means that there is a fire or stove to suit any location - whether it's an internal or exterior wall, or the center of the room - and for a wide range of fuels.  


 Stoves can be powered by solid fuel (ie coal or smokeless fuels), wood, oil, gas, biomass, LPG or electricity. Multi-fuel models can burn wood, coal or smokeless fuels. For a more formal look, perhaps for between the living/dining area and the kitchen, think about a modern fire. There are solid-fuel, wood, gas, electric and gel fires available, including flueless models.

Move away from the classic mantelpiece and hearth with fuel basket and explore wall-mounted or recessed modern fires, perhaps with a gas burner and dramatic fire bed consisting of pebbles, geometric shapes, or steel abstract designs built around a discreet gas burner. For larger spaces, consider an eye catching steel stove suspended from the ceiling, such as the striking designs from Diligence Fires.


 The heat output required will depend upon room size, whether it's a primary heat source and other sources of background heat (such as radiators or underfloor heating). The retailer can advise on the best size/model for the room, with some designs available in several heat outputs.


Stoves are generally made from pressed steel or cast iron, and many people refer to them as 'wood burners' or 'log burners', although there are multi-fuel models that can burn both wood and solid fuel.

With a multi-fuel model you'll need to put in a riddling grate when burning coal/solid fuel and remove it when burning logs, which burn best on a bed of ash.

If you live in a smoke-control area and want to burn logs, then you'll need a Defra-approved stove — such as the 7600 series from Morsel. For a fuss-free option, choose a gas model, such as those from Yeoman and Gazco.
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