All Natural Disinfectant: Kills Germs, Not Kids

Organic cleaning products can make your home a safer place.
Natural Disinfectant

The disinfectant ingredients in most household cleaning products are highly toxic. Did you know that many people suffer from toxic and chemical exposure even without leaving home? and the cause can lead to illness and death.

One of the goals of organic living is to eliminate dangerous chemicals and toxins from our homes.
To reach that goal, changes need to be made in the products we use for house cleaning.
Commercial disinfectants can easily be replaced with organic cleaning products or made with all natural ingredients that are probably in your kitchen cabinets.

When making the switch from commercial to all natural disinfectant cleaning products, people often worry about killing the germs in the house.

While some degree of worry is normal, we have become germphobic as a society. In fact, we are probably spending way too much of our time killing germs.

According to the World Health Organization, disinfectant and antibacterial products are resulting in stronger, more resistant bacteria.

The health of our families and our planet are the primary reasons for making the switch to natural cleaning solutions.

Non toxic cleaners don't contain the chemicals that are toxic to our bodies and the earth. Chlorine is often used as a disinfectant in cleaning products.

Chlorine is toxic and in the environment, becomes carcinogenic. In addition, it causes burns to the skin.
Many other chemicals are found in the products used to clean and disinfect our homes. These chemicals are dangerous and result in hundreds of thousands of injuries each year.

About 10% of calls to the Poison Control Center result from poisonings with house cleaning products. Many of these are for small children, under the age of six years.

Organic cleaning products are available in health food stores and on the internet. These contain herbal or botanical disinfectant ingredients. Before making your purchase, you can read about their reviews at GosuReviews

Eucalyptus, sage, rosemary and other plant oils are used in place of chemicals for disinfecting your home.
Essential oils are used in these products for killing germs and leaving a pleasant scent in the air.

When you are purchasing organic cleaning solutions, you will need to read the labels. The term organic is only regulated in food, not in cleaning products.

Words like all natural and organic are a good indication of quality, but you'll need to read the label to be sure. There should not be any chlorine, ammonia, perfumes or dyes in the product.

There should also be no long, impossible to pronounce chemical ingredients listed on the label.

You can make your own homemade disinfectant cleaning products at home with a few simple ingredients.
All you need are vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and a few essential oils.

You will find that a small bottle of essential oil may cost a bit more than you expected, but you only need a few drops at a time, so the bottle goes a long way.

Tea Tree Oil is an effective natural disinfectant. You will need vinegar, water, tea tree oil and a spray bottle.
Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. Drop in some of the tea tree oil and mix the solution.

Then you just spray and clean, as you would with your commercial cleaners. Lavender and thyme essential oils are also good for disinfecting.

There are a few other things you can do to prevent the spread of germs without the use of chemical disinfectant products.

Wash your hands frequently and teach your children to wash their hands. Hand washing has been shown in studies to reduce the spread of illness.

Disinfect your cleaning rags and sponges regularly. Sponges can be boiled for a few minutes and then put in the microwave for a minute or so.

Rags used for cleaning should be washed in hot water regularly. By making a few changes, you can keep your family safe from germs and toxins.
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