New Trends in Home Interior Designs

One of the most interesting new trends that I have seen for 2013 is based upon the need for more privacy in the home.

As more and more Americans are buying homes in subdivision type communities there is a need to shelter the interior of the home from neighbors who may be as close as 10 feet away. This is especially true of the master bathroom.

While there are products on the market such as glass block that can distort the view while still allowing light into the room they seem dated in today's home. They also distort light in such a way that if you live in a warmer climate such as Arizona it is not energy efficient as they add tremendous heat to the room.

Xer designers mash up sacred simplicity with Funky Shui

Home Interior Designs


Get fab, get funky? That’s the sensibility of Xer sisters Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil, whose book Decorating with Funky Shui shows how to infuse abodes with personal style.

“Your home should be a reflection of you, not a Pottery Barn showroom. Simple living is simply boring,” says Jennifer, who has hung 14 framed vintage Hawaiian hula records around the top of her “Blue Hawaii” kitchen.

Funky shui rests on four elements: a "playful center" or conversation piece, bright color, delightful lighting, and "abundance through abundance," as in personal collections of anything from guitars to Angel Gifts.

East meets mess? Feng shui pushed clean and austere, but consumers seem ready to mash it up with personalization and style.

Consumers craving creative expression on the home front get a shot of inspiration from their peers. RESOURCES Decorating with Funky Shui: How to Lighten Up, Loosen Up, and Have Fun Decorating Your Home by Jennifer O’Neil and Kitty O’Neil, Andrews McMeel Publishing 2004

Anderson Windows has created a new product that they call "switchable glass". These double paned windows trap a thin layer of particles between the panes thus creating a milky white opaque look. The look is achieved via a light switch in your home. When you hit the switch a low voltage current is applied to the window causing the particles to align with one another and in turn creating the opaque appearance.

The new "switchable glass"windows don't necessarily have to be an opaque white. If you prefer to look at a piece of art they also have windows that will simulate the look of a painting, such as Monet's waterlilies. In fact, it can pretty much simulate anything you want, from fine art to the internet.
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