Information about Driveway and Landscape materials!

Please note! All of the driveway and landscape materials on this page can be purchased and trucked to your location for resale or for your own use.

We also have a good selection of compost products, such as potting soils, garden soils and topsoil. These items can be purchased bulk or bag, all bags are sealed and shipped by pallet.

I have taken many pictures of driveway and landscape materials. I wrote a description of each picture on what each item can be used for around a new home. Some materials can be used for the same application, it is a matter of preference. It may be hard to tell the difference between some of the driveway and landscape materials but at least it will give you an idea. I will tell you what each application would require to do a good job. There are so many different kinds of materials I will not likely put them all on here. What is on here will give you an idea of what to expect from your contractors.

Red bark mulch is used mainly for decoration. If you have steep side hills that are hard to mow you can place about 3-4 inches of the bark mulch for looks. Weeds and grass will grow up through the bark mulch if you don't lay something on the ground first. You can buy a landscape fabric that works well. I have used old carpet, I have also used lots of news paper. Use anything that the bark mulch will stick to and completely cover the ground under the mulch. Bark mulch is used in flower beds to brighten them up. Use it around your trees, it makes it easier to mow the grass when you don't have to get to close to your trees.

Black bark mulch To the right is black bark mulch. It is exactly the same kind of wood as the red bark mulch. It is up to the individual which color you prefer. There may be different applications where the dark would look better than the red and the other way around. Which color you use will depend on the other colors around the new home. The color dye used is environmentally friendly and does not wash off in the rain. Don't be afraid to use lots of mulch. The deeper the mulch is, the less chance of weeds and grass will have of coming up through.

The regular bark mulch is the natural color of the bark. The bark is mostly spruce and some balsam fir. I think if trees are going to be cut someone might as well make use of the by product. What a great idea, using something once so ugly and turning it into something beautiful. It is hard to imagine where the bark came from that is around your flower beds. It may have came from another country. You may have the bark that came from the lumber that you built your new home with. Where ever it came from enjoy it! I encourage everyone to use driveway and landscape materials to take advantage of our natural resources. You may have heard that bark mulch draws ants? That statement is not true! Ants are usually drawn to something sweet, and sometimes they just come for no reason.

Oversize drainrock comes from pitrun gravel. Pitrun gravel is the natural material in the ground. Contractors use screening plants to screen the bigger rocks from the finer material. The pitrun gravel goes up a belt and drops onto a vibrating screen. Different size screens render different sizes of driveway and landscape material. Oversize rock is used for french drains. They are great for building a road across a swamp, keep backing out on the rock and driving them into the mud. Water will drain quickly through oversize drainrock.

Driveway and landscape materials come in many different sizes. I said before it is a matter of preference which product you use for your application. The inch and a quarter clear drainrock is used for septic systems. The drainrock is placed in the trenches about 10 deep and then the pipe is laid on the rock. After the pipe is in place, it is completely covered so the fine material doesn't get in the drain holes of the pipe. This rock is used around basement walls to cover up the PVC pipe. The drain rock makes an easy path for water to drain through.

When you are deciding which driveway and landscape material to use around your new home it wouldn't hurt to know what is available in your area. This three quarter crush material to the right is used on driveways. This material should go down about 6 inches deep. Makes a great base for asphalt. This material comes from pitrun that has gone through a rock crusher. The sharp corners hold the finer material from moving. This material is better used on steep driveways, there is less chance it will wash out from heavy rains.

Three quarter minus to the left is used for driveways that are flat. This material makes a great base for asphalt. I use this material for garage and basement floors. It is really easy to level off and goes down hard and smooth. Your driveway and landscape material needs to be chosen properly to get the best results from your projects. This material comes from pitrun gravel. Pitrun is screened and this is the result. The rocks are rounded not sharp like crushed material. The fine material helps hold everything together and packs down good.

Screened sand Screened sand is a well used driveway and landscape material. This material is used for mixing morter for the chimney in your new home. Sand is used for burying electrical cables around the new home. You can mix sand with potting soils if they are a little too sticky. Walkways are common users of sand. Put an inch of sand down before you place your bricks. The sand allows the bricks to settle into place.

Pitrun gravel is a natural resource. This driveway and landscape material has many uses. This material can be made into dozens of other materials by screening and crushing it. Pitrun gravel is often used on driveways in its natural form. Some people don't mind the bigger rocks. The price of the pitrun is what they like. Pitrun is a great material for backfilling a new home. The water will drain through pitrun quite easily and quickly. This is a good material to use if you want a dry basement wall. Pitrun can be used for nothing more than fill. If you have a big hole to fill in, this is the cheapest way to go.

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